Better Call Saul is one of the best things you can watch on Netflix right now

Better Call Saul is one of the best things you can watch on Netflix right now

It’s well written, well shot and characters are deeply explored.

Underlying themes linger throughout each episode. Characters who ride on a radical train of thought consistently devolve into malpractice and bad behavior. This overarching thematic consistency that we see in each episode is blurred with our hopes and dreams of wanting to see our main characters grow into a righteous person. We get to see a glimmer of hope until our characters convince themselves of Machiavelli’s “Ends justify the means.” philosopy; they take the easy route and they wouldn’t care less whether they hurt someone or not. In our characters’ eyes, they’re just committing a fallacy.

The fallacy they’re referring to is the sunk cost fallacy. It’s when someone has invested in something and continues to do so because of the investment they’ve put without considering to cut their own losses.

It’s highlighted when Jimmy continues to pursue law as a business rather than a code of ethics. It’s when Kim Wexler continues her support for Jimmy. It’s when Chuck goes down to Jimmy’s level.

One of the best tv couples has to be Jimmy and Kim. Their relationship is seen to be deeply affected by their surroundings. Kim doesn’t approve of Jimmy’s legal practice. She wants to do things by the book without crossing the line of legalities. Jimmy does all he can to win his cases and knows the law well enough to cover his tracks and only cares about getting the best deal for his clients. But even if Kim disapproves of Jimmy’s methods, she is still attracted to him. Throughout the show, we see her spirit break as she gives a little more support to Jimmy’s actions. And it is this support that’s so adorable to see. Even when faced with a morally degrading situation, Kim straps her boots and marches over the line. They express their love for each other through support. What’s even more entertaining than that, is waiting for them to say ” I love you” to each other (Season 6 please do it).

Charles Mcgill is Jimmy’s brother. He treats the law as something sacred and he built a company out of his legal prowess and that company funded Kim’s college. He criticizes Jimmy’s actions and most often times disregards his care and efforts. Because of his belief, he feels like it’s necessary to punish Jimmy for tainting the legal code. He feels that Jimmy with a law degree is like giving a machine gun to a chimp

This contrast between the two brothers is often explored with comments about the limitations of our legal system. Watching them go back and forth leads to some of the most emotionally gripping scenes.

We haven’t even talked about Mike Ehrmantraut. The silent badass with an incapability to break parking lot rules. Jimmy is always in a hurry. He forgets to validate his parking ticket so Mike and his boom barrier always stops Jimmy. This creates some real comedic tension between the two and ultimately gives them better character.

There is so much to talk about in Better Call Saul. It’s so fun to pick it apart and discover the layers within. Season 6 is far from our grips, we hope to continue praising the show for the meticulously crafted script Vince Gilligan has made. Breaking Bad’s ultimate competition is it’s own.

Better Call Saul Season 1-5 gets a 9/10

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