Netflix’s Ju-on: Origins is eerie, violent and disturbing

Netflix’s Ju-on: Origins is eerie, violent and disturbing

Plot summary: A paranormal researcher searches obsessively for a cursed home where something terrible happened to a mother and her child long ago.

With only 6 episodes with 30 minutes each, Ju-on: Origins makes proper use of its runtime by creating an eerie atmosphere with its non-linear storytelling while locking you into the disturbing lives of some of its possessed characters. 

It doesn’t rely on the conventional bag of tricks like jump scares, it takes its time to develop its characters while carefully unraveling the mystery of the haunted house. And while it may confuse you with its complex story that jumps between different timelines, it wouldn’t be shameful if you looked up the chronological plot online.

I found myself constantly invested in Kiyomi’s storyline. In the beginning, she is persuaded by her friends to visit the haunted house. When she gets there, she gets raped by Katsuji. As she tries to find comfort in the home she’s in, he sees a mysterious woman in white that possesses her. This creepy woman would follow her later on in her life. It’s a storyline that has a lot of shocking moments because of the down points the character faces. And the rage curse itself that possesses the characters in the show presents some gruesome and nail-biting scenes.

I’m very interested to see where this project goes. Since it’s still fresh on Netflix, no word has been said for its renewal. But audiences who have seen it mostly give positive reviews.

I give Ju-on: Origins a 7/10

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