Review: “Greyhound” keeps its feelings at bay for the Battle of the Atlantic

Review: “Greyhound” keeps its feelings at bay for the Battle of the Atlantic

Plot Summary: Tom Hanks plays Captain Krause, an inexperienced U.S. Navy captain tasked to lead an allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolfpacks.

This action-packed World War II flick is based on a 1955 novel by C.S. Forester called “The Good Sheperd”. It depicts the Battle of Atlantic, the longest continuous military campaign to defeat Nazi Germany. The Greyhound isn’t really a true story; It swims in the realm of non-fiction. But the threats that they face in the film are quite real. The US had a vengeful spirit after Pearl Harbor. Because of this, they assembled their destroyers to cross the Atlantic and join the war in Europe. But lurking beneath the sea are infamous German U-boats that stalk the high seas. Navigating these parts of ” The Black Pit”, was the challenge of the US. And this area of history is what Greyhound explores.

Tensions rise as the rudders go left and right, undetected submarines go under destroyers and shells bounce off the armor of Nazi submarines. Tom Hanks shows mastery of his screenplay and his character Captain Krause. He carries the burden and stress of leading the naval convoy through the Black Pit and safeguarding the lives of his men. Keeping his cool is key. Pinpointing the location of the enemy requires precision and intelligent strategizing.

The film puts you in the claustrophobic space of the Greyhound. Right after Krause finishes his morning coffee, we walk around the ship and familiarize ourselves with the tools of war. We aren’t given more opportunities to interact with the friendly faces on the ship. The ship is our closest friend while the rest of the crew comes and goes. A bit more character depth from everyone would’ve gone a long way.

The action is the main draw of the film. It’s intense and you feel the urgency of the situation. As enemies approach the ship, all hands are on deck as their jobs become a situation of life and death. A lot of jargon is tossed around the ship and learning a thing or two about sailings can go a long way here. The CGI is a little spotty and that’s largely due to the film’s budget. It would’ve been better to see it on the big screen but Apple’s streaming service was meant for home theaters. Greyhound can serve your weekends well. It’s short but sweet.

Overall, Greyhound gets a 7/10

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