Review: #Alive Captures Our Pandemic Routines and Anxieties

Review: #Alive Captures Our Pandemic Routines and Anxieties

Much like a lot of everyone’s current situation, Oh Joon-woo finds himself stuck in self-isolation in his apartment after realizing the threat of the infection plaguing the city. Only this time, the infection turns you into a zombie.

Stuck in self-isolation and bored out of his mind with no food supplies left, he finds himself in a no-win scenario until he meets his neighbor who saves his life. From this point onwards, you probably already know where the story is heading. And if you’re still on-board, you’re gonna have some fun with it.

The timing of its release is one of the biggest factors of capturing the audience’s interest. When Korea started to rise from COVID-19, this film, together with Intruder, Innocence, and Me and Me lined up for a theatrical release. After being released on June 24, it surpassed a million ticket sales in just 5 days. In an interview by Forbes with the president of Spackman Entertainment, he believed that one contributing factor to the huge ticket sales was the genre. Apart from the theater having better sound systems and visual immersion, the audience can also relate better to the characters because of the isolation that they went through for their own survival and the fear of facing a new reality.

“As a film that revolves about isolation, survival, longing to meet others, escape and freedom, it becomes natural for people to closely relate #ALIVE to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kay Na.

It also helped that the film has popular actors like Yoo Ah-in (Oh Joon-woo) who is known for his Korean tv drama roles and was the only Asian actress in New York Time’s “The Best Actors of 2018” list.

The most relatable scenes you’ll find here are with Oh Joon-woo. The struggles of how repetitive your days are, the anxiety of running out of food supplies, the fear of getting infected, and the desire of ending all of it, are what we all went through during the pandemic. You can’t help but feel for him with all the madness happening. Because what’s scarier than COVID-19 is an infectious disease that turns you into a mindless zombie that causes death and destruction.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable zombie flick for your quarantine, #Alive will be worth your while. If you’re looking for a zombie flick that has more charm or does more with its plot, you can skip this one.

#Alive or #Saraitd  gets a 7/10



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