Can We Talk About How Stupid Charlie Is For Dumping Ruby Taft?

Can We Talk About How Stupid Charlie Is For Dumping Ruby Taft?

On the 4th episode of the 8th season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Charlie, who has just recently been dumped by the waitress, meets Ruby Taft (played by Alexandra Daddario); a young heiress of one of the wealthiest families in Philadelphia.

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Ruby Taft was an honest, genuine, and kindhearted person that was unlike most girls plaguing the innocent lives of men. What’s more amazing about her, is that she falls in love with Charlie, a disheveled, illiterate, and dysfunctional janitor with poor hygiene and pica who lives in the world’s dirtiest apartment and has the worst set of friends.

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In the episode, we get to see the positive impact that Ruby has on Charlie; both of them go on dates, and he gets to hang out and play tennis in the opulent mansion of Ruby’s family. One of the most notable things that Charlie did for Ruby, is show her how far he’s willing to go, to make her feel special.

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One day, they visit the waitress’s apartment and he reveals that the waitress was the love of his life and that she just wanted her to know to be fair. To their surprise, the waitress confronts Charlie and accuses him of all the bad things happening to her life recently (like falling hair and her bike getting stolen). Charlie tells the waitress about how he has been recently spending most of his time with Ruby and declares her as his girlfriend. Charlie kisses Ruby right in front of the waitress and walks away with her while holding hands. This is one of the most bada** moments in the show and it was one of the moments wherein I felt pleased and happy that Charlie was developing into a more positive character.

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But after discovering that the waitress wants him back in her life (by reducing the restraining order against him for a few meters), Charlie tells Ruby in front of her friends and family that he’s been using her the whole time to make the waitress feel jealous to make her come back to him. He says that she’s not a real woman calls her a “stupid little rich slut”.

I was absolutely crushed when Charlie did this. I felt like one of the most triumphant moments of Charlie’s life was meeting Ruby and showing her how he can be a better person. I thought Charlie was ready to abandon his old toxic ways to live a better life. Ruby was a full packaged woman. Not only is she an heiress with a fancy education, but she is also really, really, really and I mean really pretty. Anyone can get lost in her gorgeous blue eyes. Any man would’ve wanted to kiss her pretty face. Any man would’ve felt content and loved by her caring nature. Ruby is a woman who is really hard to come by.

In the ending of this episode, Charlie proved that he is as dumb or if not more dumb than his toxic friends. By going back to the waitress, Charlie won’t be able to give himself a better life because he prefers being stuck in the toxic circle that he is in.

This is absolutely one of the most unexpected episodes on television that I’ve ever seen and is also the most frustrating. And this is also why I love It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia so much.   

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But seriously Charlie, how in the hell could you dump her!!!!??????

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  1. Feels like you’re missing the point a little, the show is about bad people. It wouldn’t be a funny show if they started making everyone good people.

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