North Doesn’t Deserve Markus

North Doesn’t Deserve Markus

There are a lot of rewarding and heartfelt character arcs in Quantic Dreams’ Detroit: Become Human. But a particular deviant still stands out to be a little cold-hearted like the humans.

When Markus arrives in Jericho, he meets North who is played by the beautiful Minka Kelly. North is a WR400 “Traci” that worked at the Eden Club as a sex worker for humans. Tired and angered by the abusive treatment, she strangles her client to death and escapes. Later on, she joins Markus who becomes the leader of the deviants. In the missions that Markus and the crew (Josh, North, and Simon) go to, North always tries to make Markus make cruel decisions.

In the “Spare Parts” mission, North doesn’t want John, the enslaved security android that they found, to join them. Instead of empathizing with John’s situation, she had to be the evil devil in Markus’ conscience. It’s a good thing that Josh was there to remind Markus how to be nice.

In Stratford Tower, North further demonstrates her ruthless attitude again by asking Markus to kill the two guards outside the broadcast room. When the group enters the broadcast room, an employee will attempt to flee and North again advises Markus to kill him before the employee reports them. Of course, in my playthrough, I didn’t listen to North, and I could care less about our relationship decreasing.

Because of this, a SWAT team swarms into the broadcasting room with guns blazing. Simon gets shot and injured and I chose to help and carry him to the rooftop.

Once Markus gets to the rooftop, North’s cruel nature resurfaces again as she asks Markus to shoot Simon to prevent the humans from probing his memory and discovering the location of Jericho. Absolute trash attitude North.

When they were in Capitol Park to free the androids in the CyberLife store, North even had the audacity to argue with Markus for choosing to put graffiti on the park instead of smashing the stores. On the Freedom March, North persuades Markus to attack the police. An eye for an eye North? Are you blind?

Markus is a man of peace, while North is chaotic. Following North’s impulsive suggestions will surely make Markus cold-hearted and apathetic towards humans and androids. They are absolutely bad for each other because North will only cripple Markus’ morale. What’s even worse, is that even if you choose not to kiss her on the boat or be her lover, the pacifist ending will show them smooching. The game absolutely forces this toxic relationship to come through.

North is a bad leader. Her decisions will lead to more androids dying. If she leads an attack on the android camps, she will get outnumbered by the US army, more androids will die and she will retreat to a CyberLife store.
I absolutely love Detroit: Become Human. It’s the best game that Quantic Dreams have made and the story and presentation are top-notch. It’s just a shame that North can be such a b*tch.

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