Used condoms for sale! Anyone?

Used condoms for sale! Anyone?

HUNDREDs of thousands of used condoms which were being recycled and branded sa “new” were reported to be being resold to unassuming consumers in Vietnam.

Reports from state-owned Vietnam Television (VTV) exposed dosens of bags containing the used condoms which was confiscated in a warehouse in Binh Duong.

Around 345,000 used condoms weighing 360 kilos were confiscated by authorities.

The owner of the warehouse said that admitted that they are getting their supply of used condoms from a suppliers which Vietnamese authorities are pursuing now.

One worker who was arrested in the operation said that they put the used condoms in boiling water to clean it, they dry it and finally they re-pack it as new to be circulated in different stores.

The said worker said that she is earning around $.17 per kilo of recycled condom she produces.

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