Sometimes I Stay Idle In Genshin Impact Just to Listen to the Soundtrack

Sometimes I Stay Idle In Genshin Impact Just to Listen to the Soundtrack

I was initially skeptical of this game. With reviews saying it’s a Breath of the Wild clone and knowing that it has a gacha system, I really thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. But ever since I landed on the vast magical world of Teyvat, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the game and my initial skepticism was rid off completely. This free-to-play action role-playing game by the Shanghai-based company “miHoYo” has accumulated over 10 million global pre-registrations. It features a huge open-world for you to explore and plenty of characters to unlock and you don’t really need to pay to enjoy it.  


Aside from all this, the game also has a great soundtrack. So great, that I sometimes drag out a fight or stay idle just to hear it a little bit more.


The soundtrack is called The Wind And The Star Traveler (also called Le Vent et les Enfants des Etoiles) and it was composed by Yu Peng Chen from HOYO-MiX. It has 15 tracks and you can check out their Youtube channel to hear all of it.



According to the music director Zoe Cai and composer/producer Yu Peng Chen of the HOYO-MiX team, they wanted to find a musical language to match the aesthetic melody of the game production team to fully immerse the players and feel the diversity of the world. They also used different instruments and musical elements to fit the distinct locations.  


“We wanted to immerse players in Teyvat and really feel the diversity of the world. Building off the main thread of orchestral music, we added elements of different music from around the world to depict the colorful variety of Teyvat’s regions and people.” 


Here’s how it sounded in the beginning:



“When we were beginning to design the music of Genshin Impact, we were given a single image to refer to: a young Traveler sitting atop a high cliff, gazing out at Mondstadt in the distance. At that time, we only had a basic visual impression of the game, knowing nothing about the theme, story, or emotional elements, which are the starting points for composing music of any kind. We communicated with the development, IP, and visual teams to establish a clearer view of the world of Teyvat, then began working out the creative direction of the music.”


HOYO-MiX actually went to England and got the help of the London Philharmonic Orchestra to record the Mondstadt main theme at AIR Studios where the God Of War theme was also recorded. Talk about passion 😱


“After composition comes the recording stage, in which we spared no expense to bring our ideas to reality. We sought out the top musicians and most authentic musical expression. For the Mondstadt main theme, for example, we went all the way to England, where we traveled around to explore folk music and culture. We were also honored to have the London Philharmonic Orchestra record for us at AIR Studios, where they not only displayed their world-class talent, but also the musical character we at HOYO-MiX sought to imbue in Mondstadt. We will continue collaborating with top musicians and orchestras around the world as we strive to create music pulsing with culture and diversity.”



I have put numerous hours on this game ever since I played it and the music of the game makes it really memorable. From the first time I saw the vibrant Liyue Harbor, to relaxing on the tallest point of the map at Qingyun Peak, the emotive music gave me a sense of wonder and amazement throughout my playthrough. 

This game truly raises the bar for free to play games. With a very generous developer, a passionate team of artists, and a growing fanbase, this game will have strong support for the coming years. I’m very excited to see what’s in store next.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, Windows, iOS, and Android with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon.



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