Virus Alert: Coronavirus on your phone, money for 28 days

Virus Alert: Coronavirus on your phone, money for 28 days

CANNOT lose your phone on your hands even for a minute? Not worrying about the money you received from unknown person?

Well, you may change your habit and exercise extreme caution and sanitation with you mobile phone and your money. This was after the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia found in a research that the SARS-COV-2 virus lives in the surfaces of glasses and money for 28 long days.

Imagine that. Your phone not being sanitized getting COVID-19 droplets or the money being passed on to different person infected with the virus finally lands in your hands.

In the research, scientists exposed artificial mucus similar to the samples from COVID-19 patients and exposed it to temperatures from 10, 20 to 30 degree Celsius in flat surfaces such as glass and paper money.

It turns out that the virus lives longer in colder temparature and dies out in high temparature. It can live up to 28 days in 20 degree Celsius and longer in colder climates in surfaces such as money and glasses in your mobile phones.

Now luckily, the Philippines has a hot climate. Oh but it’s rainy season right now, oh no!

“The research may also help to explain the apparent persistence and spread of SARS-CoV-2 in cool environments with high lipid or protein contamination, such as meat processing facilities, and how we might better address that risk,” said Trevor Drew, the director of Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness under CSIRO.

The researchers said that their finding will help in formulating contingency and planning in producing medical solutions against the spread of the virus.

As of now, experts advised the public to strictly observe physical sanitation by frequently washing hands and it wold not hurt if you wipe alcohol to your phones and spray it to newly acquired monies.

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